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Whoa. Chief Anthony Batts has resigned, according to an internal OPD memo obtained by Harry Harris at the Trib. Per the Trib's report, Batts’ e-mail attributed his resignation — which will become effective sometime next month — to mounting pressure and “limited control but full accountability” in his job

UPDATE - thanks to everyone who pointed out that this article was dated Oct. 11th - he resigned weeks ago.  Sorry for not noting the date. 

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    This actually happened like two weeks ago. This has nothing to do with what happened the last few days. The current...
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    I feel for him. “limited control with full accountability” is a rough way to make a living. Those above you dictate your...
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    Reblogging for amendment - I got lazy about my fact-checking but now you guys benefit, whooooo.
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    Important to note this is a couple weeks old and not related to the Occupy Oakland events of this week.
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    the LEAST they could do
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