Our Common Good

A recent influx of white supremacists and Patriot group members to the town of Kalispell, Montana, is causing alarm.

How White Supremacists Are Trying to Make an American Town a Model for Right-Wing Extremism

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    I would like to respond that many beautiful babies, some white and some not, are being born in my hometown, and in my...
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    Seriously? Am I really this oblivious to what’s happening in my own county? Apparently… Holy shit.
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    Perfect example of what I consider racist/racially prejudice/fucked up
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    ^^^^^^^ COMMENTARY. hey amerikkka, P.S.: 99 percent of white babies are ugly tbh. do not ask me what the babies in my...
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    what the shit
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    Eerie stuff.
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    Frightening irony in the name of the town: Kalispell. Kali = goddess of death. Ironic in that she ain’t no white...
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    If it was Black Panthers and activists doing this, America would shit its pants and demand all kinds of receipts as to...
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