Our Common Good

The El Paso Times has a helpful timeline to the larger context of this story.

In brief, back in July 2009, the El Paso City Council voted to extend partner benefits to LGBT municipal employees.

This enraged Rev. Brown and the Church, and a petition campaign began to repeal the law. The referendum eventually passed 55/45 in Nov. 2010.

But there were problems, like many citizen-authored bills it was poorly worded and retired cops, firemen and other city employees complained the ballot initiative would also revoke their retirement benefits as well. Word of Life Church’s smart bomb to the gays wasn’t so smart.

In response, the El Paso City Council voted in June 2011 to restore health benefits to LGBT partners of city employees and others affected by the proposition. In short order, Rev. Brown launched a Holy mission to recall Mayor John Cook and City Council Reps. Susie Byrd and Steve Ortega, a story that traveled across the country to the pages of the New York Times.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has more details….


The El Paso Times reports that last week the Texas 8th Court of Appeals ruled unanimously in agreement with the lower court that the recall effort unequivocally violated Texas election law. They took it one step further and granted the injunctive relief of halting the corrupted recall election, something the lower court had declined to do.

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