Our Common Good

Fred Malek III has had a long, illustrious career in politics— he’s worked for President Nixon and the first, less-shitty of the Presidents Bush. In 2008, he served as the National Finance Co-Chair of John McCain’s Presidential campaign. He’s had a formidable business career as well, serving important roles with Mariott and the Carlyle Group and Northwest Airlines. But before any of this, he was just a young, drunk, blood-covered West Point graduate standing around a spit containing a slowly rotating, skinned dog.

Really.  You think they would be smart enough to not add this kind of fuel - regardless of age - to the “Romney doesn’t care about dogs” story.


More reasons to not like Malek:

Malek is notorious as the “Jew counter” in President Richard Nixon’s administration: he made a list of Jewish employees in the Bureau of Labor Statistics at Nixon’s behest, and was involved in reassigning or demoting those workers. But as the New York Times pointed out this weekend, Malek has significant baggage from his campaign fundraising roles during the Nixon era…

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    You would.
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    Lol. I guess they like to explore Asian culture.
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    Well I mean, does anyone know this guy’s intention with BBQing the dog? I’d like to think it wasn’t because he hated...
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    WTF, Romneys? He “can’t have illegals” because he’s “running for president for Pete’s sake” but people who torture and...
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    In what world is the first reason listed the most important?
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    You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.
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    Personally, I find the Jew Counting to be a lot worse than the dog roasting, which of course is also horrid. It may be...
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    =The Romneys hate dogs
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