Our Common Good

Incumbent Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown (R) has tentatively agreed to debate his challenger, Harvard professor and former nominee to head the Consumer Protection Bureau, Democrat Elizabeth Warren, but only if certain conditions are met, according to the Boston Globe‘s Boston.com blog. Arguably, the most notable of these terms is that Vicki Kennedy, widow of Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy (D) refrain from endorsing any candidate in the race. The other condition is that no cameras from MSNBC be allowed to film at the venue.

Brown has been notably hard to pin down on the topic of when, where and on what topics he and Warren will debate. Her team has reportedly attempted on multiple occasions to get Sen. Brown’s reps to sit down and discuss the terms of a match-up, but have repeatedly been rebuffed.

Now, the Brown campaign has announced in a press release that it will participate in a debate at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, but only on the condition that Vicki Kennedy not endorse himself or his opponent and as long as MSNBC is not included as a broadcast partner for the event. The press release requested that former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw act as the debate’s moderator.

Warren has already agreed to the debate, which is slated for September 27. The two candidates are currently scheduled for two televised debates and three radio meet-ups. Vicki Kennedy suggested the third debate and suggested MSNBC as the media sponsor. Kennedy has been active for many years as a Democrat in Massachusetts politics and MSNBC is perceived by many conservatives as having a liberal bias, in spite of the fact that former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough (R-FL) hosts a daily three hour show and conservative pundit S. E. Cupp has recently been offered a high profile position at the network.