Our Common Good

On June 21 the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4480, the Strategic Energy Production Act of 2012. In addition to dramatically weakening health safeguards from smog and other air pollution, the bill would significantly expand oil and natural gas drilling on public lands, reducing places for hunting, fishing, hiking, and other uses.

Making matters worse, there is no guarantee that the oil and gas produced on these newly available publicly owned lands will benefit American families. Instead, big oil and gas companies could export these resources or refined products made from them. Americans would get the oil and gas pollution and higher prices while other nations benefit from the energy.

Oil companies are pushing for more exports to boost profits

The United States just became a net exporter of refined petroleum products. The House bill would allow oil companies to export even more oil and gas products produced from resources generated from drilling on public lands at time when Americans have been paying higher prices for gasoline and diesel fuel.

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