Our Common Good

Another ballot screw up in Florida’s Palm Beach:

A printing error on some 60,000 absentee ballots sent to Palm Beach County voters this month could affect the outcome of every race that will be decided Nov. 6, including the hotly contested presidential election, Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher said today.

Initially, it appeared the mistake would only cause confusion in the merit retention elections of three Florida Supreme Court justices. However, Bucher said, the error will make it impossible for tabulating machines to count votes on about half of the flawed ballots.

“It won’t be able to read them,” she said. “It will just kick them out.”

To assure all votes are counted, she has asked county officials to provide extra workers to help manually sort the ballots that have already begun streaming into her office. An Arizona company, Runbeck Election Services, which admitted it made the mistake, will pick up the tab.

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