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Virginia state officials are expanding an investigation to probe the Republican consulting firm Strategic Allied Consulting after canceling a grand jury hearing scheduled for Tuesday for Colin Small, who faces 13 counts of voter fraud for throwing voter registration forms in the recycling bin.

Two sources told the Washington Post on Friday that officials are investigating whether the firm told Small or up to 40 other employees to ask about political leanings while registering voters. This is a violation of election law.

KDVR’s Josh Bernstein confirmed on Thursday that the company’s Nathan Sproul has been interviewed by the FBI (transcript here) over election irregularities and confirmed that Sproul’s name did not appear on the articles of incorporation for Strategic Allied Consulting.

Sproul told to Bernstein that his name didn’t appear on the firm’s documents because “if you look at what the liberal blogs write about me, it makes it very difficult to operate.”

The Virginia investigation is compounded by an additional investigation into voter registration irregularities nine counties reported in Florida, all supplied by Strategic Allied Consulting. The forms, which KDVR published here, contained false and invalid information.

Democrats have urged the Department of Justice to open an investigation into the firm’s alleged voter fraud. The Republican National Committee paid the firm $2.9 million to the firm to register voters in Florida, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina and Nevada. Though the RNC cut ties with the firm after allegations of voter fraud surfaced in Florida, the Virginia Republican party re-hired the firm.

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