Our Common Good

To drive home their blackmail efforts, the industry has launched a television and print campaign telling us what is going to happen to our jobs if we remove their subsidies.

You know what? Enough already.

How does any American avoid the reality that these are the very people who claim to despise welfare unless that welfare is corporate welfare?

Restaurant owners who whine about paying the cost of their employees’ health care are leaving it to you and I to do the job for them with every monthly health insurance premium we pay, thereby subsidizing their bottom lines whether we buy their products or not. How is that not corporate welfare? Oil companies who threaten to take their jobs and go elsewhere if we dare to cut back on their research and development subsidies, all the while pointing the finger at single mothers who get government help.

I’m sorry, but this is nuts.

It is no secret that American patriotism was, for many people, long ago replaced by something these folks consider far more important—personal and shareholder profit.

I like profits. But I also like living in a country where our commitment to the betterment of our nation and the lives of our people takes precedence over the desire to give away a few million pizza pies.

If these companies are permitted to get away with this effort to hold hostage their employees—and the American public at large—in order to get their way because they lost an election…or if they can successfully threaten to pick up their ball and take it to a different field because we might just ask them to forgo some R&D subsidy money for the national betterment…America has a problem far more dramatic than paying an extra fifteen cents for a slab of carbohydrate drenched in sugar filled tomato sauce and then covered with artery clogging meat.

I can only hope that Americans will have the good sense to show these businesses what we think of their tactics and their notion of patriotism by choosing to support businesses who believe in a more basic yet evolved sense of values.

It doesn’t require massive efforts or campaigns involving staging boycotts or creating other types of mischief. It is far simpler than that.

The next time you are taking the family out for dinner, do a quick Google check to see if your destination is a place where they are punishing their workers to make a political points as they ask you to subsidize their profits by requiring you to pay higher health insurance premiums due to the costs of emergency rooms treating their employees because they have no coverage.  If you find that your planned destination is such a business, maybe you can think of another, similarly priced restaurant that your family might enjoy.

These business have made their choice and their choice is to politicize their businesses.

Fine. Now, let’s make our choices.

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