Our Common Good

Kerry Schumann, executive director of the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, has made a list of the attacks Gov. Scott Walker has made on Wisconsin conservation in just the four months he’s been in office.

It includes:

•Shutting down Wisconsin’s $400 million wind industry.

•Rejecting $800 million in mass transit funding.

•Providing campaign donors special exemptions to build on wetlands.

•Allowing waterways to be contaminated by phosphorus.

•Eliminating statewide recycling requirements.

Now, Schumann says, Walker intends to issue an executive order that would change the focus of the Department of Natural Resources. The governor would have DNR meet measures of “customer satisfaction,” but none of the measures mention protecting or improving Wisconsin’s natural resources or the health of Wisconsin citizens. In many cases, “customers” would include polluting companies that seek a permit to avoid current environmental restrictions.

In short, the DNR will be geared more to serving business interests than the interests of the people who breathe air, drink water and hunt and fish.

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