Our Common Good
What’s up CSpan?

Slept in this morning for some much needed extra rest.  Got up, poured a cup of coffee and then turned on the TV, hoping to catch some of NetRoots Nation while making out my weekend to do list. 

But no Netroots Nation coverage on CSpan or CSpan2?  Hours and hours of coverage of the Republican Leadership Conference, but nothing for liberals/progressives, though CSpan has covered it in the past.  I may have missed some coverage during the past two days - but can’t believe that even in the late night or early hours CSpan is showing none of it.  I guess it could be on CSpan3, which I don’t get.

Luckily I do get Free Speech TV and they are covering it, so I set the machine up to record all their coverage.  But still more evidence that the media is not liberal.

Now I need to spend a little time trying to get CurrentTV added back to my package - for some reason Direct TV is no longer giving it to me, though I have not changed my package.  Now that Keith Olbermann will be there, I need to get it back.

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