Our Common Good
Now Republicans in Michigan’s state Legislature want to take the outsourcing frenzy one giant leap forward by privatizing public school teaching. Michigan Republican Sen. Phil Pavlov, who chairs the state Senate’s education committee, is preparing legislation that would allow public school districts to hire teachers through private, for-profit companies. Privatizing the hiring process would presumably allow school districts to bypass compensation packages sought by teachers unions and let private companies compete for contracts with districts.

Michigan Republicans: Let’s Privatize Public School Teaching | Mother Jones

do you all understand this? these republicans want everybody teh fuck off of welfare—and yet…they want those few people who *can* find decent employment to be required by law to pay more for their health insurance (regardless if their employer can afford to pay it or not), they want to make it legal to hire workers that have no legal right to demand health care/retirement/etc…

it’s not just that they don’t want the government to cover the cost of health care, retirement, disability, etc—they don’t want ANYONE to.

(via midwestmountainmama)

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