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President Clinton Explains Mitt Romney’s $5 Trillion Tax Cut (by BarackObamadotcom)


Full Episode: The God Wife, the veterans jobs bill, and Bill Clinton. http://on.cc.com/S9CwAF


Full Episode: The God Wife, the veterans jobs bill, and Bill Clinton. http://on.cc.com/S9CwAF

From last year:

Who’s to blame for the continued failure of the Middle East peace process? Former President Bill Clinton said today that it is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — whose government moved the goalposts upon taking power, and whose rise represents a key reason there has been no Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

Clinton, in a roundtable with bloggers today on the sidelines of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, gave an extensive recounting of the deterioration in the Middle East peace process since he pressed both parties to agree to a final settlement at Camp David in 2000. He said there are two main reasons for the lack of a comprehensive peace today: the reluctance of the Netanyahu administration to accept the terms of the Camp David deal and a demographic shift in Israel that is making the Israeli public less amenable to peace.

"The two great tragedies in modern Middle Eastern politics, which make you wonder if God wants Middle East peace or not, were [Yitzhak] Rabin's assassination and [Ariel] Sharon's stroke,” Clinton said.


Chris Kromm writes:

Kevin Alexander Gray, a civil rights activist also from South Carolina, compares [Bill] Clinton’s role with appealing to white voters to how Democrats used to deploy the Rev. Jesse Jackson when trying to mobilize African-American voters. “They used Jackson to ‘vouch’ for white Democrats to black audiences,” Gray told Facing South. “Clinton is vouching to whites for Barack Obama.” “Bubba’s” mission of appealing to whites, including whites in battleground Southern states, exists in delicate balance with another key goal of this week’s convention: to win over the increasingly diverse South of the future.



“He was the first man I’d met who wasn’t afraid of me.”
-Hillary Clinton

This is the greatest picture I’ve ever seen.



“He was the first man I’d met who wasn’t afraid of me.”

-Hillary Clinton

This is the greatest picture I’ve ever seen.

The Real Importance of Bill Clinton’s Wonderfully Long Speech


Bill Clinton’s speech tonight at the Democratic National Convention was very long but it was masterful — not only in laying out the case for Barack Obama and against Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, but in giving the American public what they most want and need in this election season: details, facts, and logic. 

Republicans have eschewed all detail, all fact, all logic. Theirs has been a campaign of ideological bromides mixed with outright bald-faced lies. 

Therein lies the importance of what Bill Clinton accomplished tonight. But, just as importantly, it wasn’t a wonky talk. He packaged the facts in a way people could hear. This is the highest calling of a public educator.

The question is not how many undecided voters saw the speech (I doubt many did) but whether it galvanizes Democrats — giving them the clarity of conviction and argument they need over the next nine weeks to explain why Obama must be re-elected, and why a Romney-Ryan administration would be a disaster for this country. 

I believe Clinton’s speech accomplished this perfectly. We shall see.


Forreal doe. I wish I could marry Michelle…

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I want to nominate a man who’s cool on the outside but who burns for America on the inside,
President Bill Clinton  (via kathiek)


Yeah, over at Fox News, Brit Hume was complaining that not only was the Clinton speech too long, but that it contained too many facts.

Inheriting massive budget deficits and stubborn unemployment from Bush the Elder, Clinton’s $496 billion program was nonetheless opposed by every single member of the GOP, as well as defectors from his own party. As the Times recounted, it took a tie-breaking vote from Vice President Al Gore to earn victory:

An identical version of the $496 billion deficit-cutting measure was approved Thursday night by the House, 218 to 216. The Senate was divided 50 to 50 before Mr. Gore voted. Since tie votes in the House mean defeat, the bill would have failed if even one representative or one senator who voted with the President had switched sides.
Throughout 1993, President Clinton faced venomous - if completely baseless - charges from his Republican opponents. Newt Gingrich announced that February, “I believe that that will in fact kill the current recovery and put us back in a recession,” while also warning the day before the budget vote, “This is the Democrat machine’s recession, and each one of them will be held personally accountable.” Bob Dole, Clinton’s future reelection opponent, complained, “People out there in the real world just don’t understand how record-setting tax increases and a taxpayer-financed spending spree by Congress will solve the deficit or put Americans back to work.” Future Governor John Kasich (R-OH) told Clinton and the Democrats, “your economic program is a job killer” and predicted, “This plan will not work. If it was to work, then I’d have to become a Democrat.” Meanwhile, future Tea Party sugar daddy Dick Armey read his tea leaves:
"Clearly this is a job killer in the short run. The revenues forecast for this budget will not materialize; the costs of this budget will be greater than what is forecast. The deficit will be worse, and it is not a good omen for the American economy."

In August 1993, Republicans deployed their biggest gun - Ronald Reagan - to direct fire at President Clinton. The Gipper, the same man who tripled the U.S. national debt in eight years, blasted away from the op-ed pages of the New York Times:

"The President’s ‘wonder plan’ could be cited for deceptive advertising by the Food and Drug Administration. Job-killing taxes come right away, and hazy spending cuts are on the distant horizon. The five-year plan will likely impede economic growth and not come near its claim of $500 billion in deficit reduction."

Most dramatic of all was Texas Senator Phil Gramm. The same man who led the 1990’s crusade to gut regulation of Wall Street and the IRS and later called America a “nation of whiners,” boldly - and wrongly - predicted:

"I believe hundreds of thousands of people are going to lose their jobs…I believe Bill Clinton will be one of those people."

The Republican naysayers were, of course, utterly wrong on every count. Bill Clinton kept his job and presided over a rapidly growing economy, expanding incomes, new stock market highs and a balanced budget. Clinton, who helped author one of the best eight-year economic performances of the modern presidents, bequeathed a CBO-estimated $5.6 trillion surplus to his successor, the man with the worst economic record. Alas, with his tax cut windfall for the wealthy, George W. Bush squandered the Clinton surpluses. For the record high income inequality and historically low tax burden they helped produce, Bush and Congressional Republicans yielded only a million new jobs - and red ink as far as the eye could see. After Ronald Reagan tripled the national debt and Dubya doubled it again, Clinton was merely stating the obvious Tuesday when said Republicans indeed “built it.”

Bill Clinton full DNC Speech 2012 (by 1jzo)

Those of you familiar with social media might have heard tell that former president Bill Clinton’s 48-minute-long speech was about fifteen percent ad lib. For media members with copies of the prepared remarks, the address was something epic fight between the former president and the TelePrompTer, which, per design, stop rolling text whenever Clinton went off script. The machine simply refused to cede any ground to Clinton. Would it skip over paragraphs? Would it replace all his text with a frowning emoticon? The suspense was exhilarating! Below are man’s top ten triumphs over machine: Clinton’s most daring ad libs—phrases he inserted completely out of the blue.

10. “Are you listening Ohio and Michigan?”
9. “This Republican narrative, this alternate universe…”
8. “It passes the arithmetic test and more important, it passes the values test.”
7. “We gotta deal with this before it deals with us.”
6. “Democracy does not have to be a blood sport.”
5. “The old economy is not coming back.”
4. “Now you’re having a good time but this is getting serious and I want you to listen.”
3. “This is personal to me.”
2. George Washington was accused of being a “surveyor with a bad set of wooden false teeth.”
1. “You got to admit, it takes some brass to attack a guy for what you did.”