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The debate over PRENDA — the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act — may be done, but the push against Planned Parenthood affiliates by Live Action activists continue on. The anti-choice actions group lead by James O’Keefe protege Lila Rose has shown once more that they have learned all of her mentor’s tricks, as a new and heavily-edited video shows an entirely different conversation than the one that full footage proves took place.

Live Action’s new New York video, part two in their series that is supposed to prove that Planned Parenthood “promotes” sex selection abortion, snips a 30-minute encounter into a tidy 7-minute package that allegedly shows a practitioner willingly helping a woman arrange for a future abortion of a likely female fetus.

But what was left on the cutting room floor, according to Media Matters, is the counselor raising the possibility of adoption, questioning whether she’s certain she wants to terminate, and the question of whether they would provide a “friendly” Obstetrician to help her out.

To recap: Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards warned that women would not be able to go to Planned Parenthood for preventive care if they lost their funding. Rose claimed that she has “caught on tape” a Planned Parenthood worker in Indiana saying that because of the “new law,” a Medicaid recipient cannot get preventive care at Planned Parenthood. She then presented this as evidence that Planned Parenthood has been lying.

This type of deception is par for the course with anti-abortion hoaxster Lila Rose. Of course, the usual cast of right-wing media characters are once again promoting Lila Rose’s false smears of Planned Parenthood.

It amazes me that these fools are NEVER embarrassed about being so wrong, or using such misleading tactics. And they never, ever apologize.


Rose and former Colorado congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave will head up the tour, which will include press conferences in 13 congressional districts featuring local pro-life leaders thanking members of the House of Representatives who voted for Rep. Mike Pence’s amendment to defund Planned Parenthood in the Continuing Resolution (CR) and targeting those who voted against it.

The tour will make 11 stops, covering 13 districts across Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island and New Hampshire next week.

Rose, Musgrave and SBA List staff and local pro-life leaders will join forces to rally grassroots support for Reps. Joe Walsh (IL-08), Randy Hultgren (IL-14), Frank Guinta (NH-01), Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25), Mike Kelly (PA-03), Patrick Meehan (PA-07) and Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-08)Other stops will target those who voted against defunding Planned Parenthood, including Leonard Boswell (IA-03), Bruce Braley (IA-01), David Cicilline (RI-01), Jason Altmire (PA-04), Marcy Kaptur (OH-09) and Bill Owens (NY-23).

Tumblr pro-choicers! Commence internet activism!

Edited Title…  Lila Rose should not be mentioned without point out what an agent of disinformation she is (and her Live Action project).

Action alert for Chicagoland pro-choicers!


We need your support in Geneva, IL on Monday!

I’ll have more details later, but a little birdie told me that Lila Rose is going to be there to thank State Senator Randy Hultgren for his support in defunding Planned Parenthood.

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Why the latest conservative hidden-video trick to embarrass liberals has fizzled

"Attacks on Planned Parenthood don’t arise in a vacuum. Darrell Issa and his ilk successfully took ACORN out of the game."

This is a game played at many levels at once. Conservatives want to think that the ACORN meltdown is repeatable—that’s why you hear Newt Gingrich muse about the possibilities of “defunding the left.” Liberals think they can prevent it from reoccurring. ACORN was too sloppy for too long and didn’t develop a PR offensive or internal quality control after years of legal challenges to its voter-registration problems. That was ACORN’s fault. It was the rest of the movement’s fault that it didn’t immediately challenge the credibility of the videos and that congressional Democrats were listless in how they responded to tapes running on repeat on cable news.

"They’re unethical," said Ari Rabn-Havt, one of the key responders at Media Matters. "I mean, we have nothing against doing hidden camera stuff, but if you have no compunction for the truth and you can release whatever you want, you can make stories better. And we, progressives, don’t have a news network that will take this stuff right to air, frankly. That’s part of the success here. Breitbart launched Big Government on Fox News. Glenn Beck previewed the ACORN tapes on his show."

And this is the most common way that progressives view their challenge. It’s them against Breitbart and Fox. If they can inspire enough doubt about the conservative scoop to make news organizations pass on it, or hold it, they can stop an ACORN repeat.


This is the battle now: Who can weaponize the tools of journalism, and who can take out the warheads?

…Lila Rose’s anti-choice activism began with a grant from Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute, which has been training young right-wingers for leadership roles for more than 30 years. The grant funded Rose’s newspaper, The Advocate, which she still publishes. I recently attended one of the Institute’s breakfast meetings with news-makers; the speaker was Tim Phillips, president of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, the astroturf group founded and chaired by David Koch. Phillips, you see, is a graduate of the Institute, as are many right-wing luminaries.