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The very public argument under way — after all, the players have media platforms that give them a megaphone for their views — has significant implications for the future of the GOP. The right has a deep, diverse, and highly influential bench of opinion makers, and its pundits are moving to expand their influence in a sphere suffering from a lack of political leadership from its elected officials and organizational figures.
Rush Limbaugh eats humble pie: ‘We are outnumbered and we are losing ground’
Actor and outspoken liberal John Cusack is developing a movie about conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, Cusack’s production company said Friday.

What You Need When You’re Poor:
Heritage Foundation Hasn’t a Clue

Keynote speaker NORM PATTIZ of COURTSIDE ENTERTAINMENT discussed the need to deal with change in the radio business, from the “dwindling” advertising base for conservative talk radio to competition from new technology.  “The audience for conservative talk radio is still there,” PATTIZ declared, but noted that the RUSH LIMBAUGH-SANDRA FLUKE controversy was used by MEDIA MATTERS FOR AMERICA and others with a political agenda against talk radio; he recounted how advertisers (many of whom were unaware they were advertising on talk radio at all) were targeted and a “tremendous chunk of advertising revenue… was wiped out.”  He said that the result was a loss of revenue for all talk radio, adding that media companies’ debt load is placing “intense” pressure on the creative end of the business.  “Those rules are changing” because servicing debt is more important to the business than the quality of the content, PATTIZ said.  He criticized the practice of giving programming away online for free or “peanuts,” saying that he is “going to try to do something about it.”

As Election Day draws closer, Rush Limbaugh is discussing the use of violence in a political context, both from and against Democrats.

The day before the first presidential debate, Limbaugh suggested that violence against Democrats might eventually be used to “handle them.” The next day, as many pundits praised Mitt Romney’s showing in the debate, Limbaugh predicted that violence from Obama supporters could be possible if Romney wins in November.

During his October 3 radio program, Limbaugh compared the threat America faces from terrorism to the threat posed by liberals. He said, “Folks, terrorism is the greatest threat. Because we can still defeat liberals without violence.” But Limbaugh then added, “So, terrorism still, of course, represents the greater threat than the Democrat Party. We can handle them without violence. So far.”

On Limbaugh’s October 4 show, a caller said that polls showed a “huge lead for Obama, particularly in the battleground states,” and asked Limbaugh, “[I]f and when Romney is elected, what do you think the reaction on the streets would be? Particularly in the large urban areas.” Limbaugh replied that if Romney won despite Obama enjoying a wide lead in the polls, “you could have riots.” He later said that “it could get bloody out there. But if the polls are tight in the last week, then I think there’s less likelihood of any kind of, what would we say? Violent reaction.”

Limbaugh added that in the event of such violence, “obviously, it’d be the pollsters. We’d have to blame the pollsters. They would be the ones responsible for this. I wonder how they would feel about that, to have that happen. We don’t want to contemplate such things.”

Limbaugh Ramps Up Discussion Of Violence As Election Draws Closer (via Media Matters for America)



Good news, everyone!

Even more reason to vote! 

Oh, Happy Days!  Actually we do need two or three or four or more parties.  We just need a more open voting system that gives all parties an equal chance (like IRV) and an opposing party that is not batshit insane.


Rush Limbaugh, ladies and gentlemen:

“The first thing we do is offer to send 500 bus drivers to New Orleans, paid for by us to make sure that the buses that were not used by the Democrat mayor during Hurricane Katrina will be used to evacuate people should it become necessary,” Limbaugh said. “The second thing I think Republicans ought to do is send bags of money instead of sand — bags full of money to shore up the levies in New Orleans. This would accomplish many things, a — it would show our compassion, b — we could have Romney’s five sons, who CNN asked last night ‘what’s it like to be rich as sin,’ or whatever.”

“So we have Romney’s five sons to deliver the bags of money to shore up the levies,” he continued. “Now, this won’t accomplish much, it will show our compassion and it’ll do something else. Once we publicize that we sent 500 bags of money, or whatever number bags — bags of money to shore up the levies, what’ll happen? The poor of New Orleans will storm the levies and steal the bags, thereby putting themselves at risk for the eventual flooding that will happen once they remove the bags of money and that way Republicans can get rid of even more Democrats in Louisiana and shore up the state for themselves.”

My favorite thing is when people tell me that they still like to listen to Limbaugh because he’s entertaining and says some interesting things.

It’s my favorite because then I don’t really have to listen to those people after that …

SUNUNU: We aren’t talking about jobs. It’s the media that is obsessed with mother nature. This is a jobs campaign. 8.3 unemployment, 25 million Americans underemployed or unemployed, and college graduates, half of them can’t find decent jobs. But each of the last four years, it is jobs.

KILMEADE: But you have to admit for the last week it is Medicare, and we’ve been talking a lot about that. No one can help if there is a storm coming. We’ve got to talk that.

SUNUNU: But it is jobs, Governor Romney is the guy to fix the job’s program.

Sununu’s callousness has been echoed by other members of his party. Rep Darryl Issa (R-CA) said he’d be “fine” if Isaac made landfall in New Orleans, as long as Republicans could win in November, and radio host Rush Limbaugh suggested yesterday that President Obama intentionally messed with the storm track predictions of Isaac to scare Republicans into canceling their convention.

This rotated, but otherwise unretouched screen capture from StreamingRadioGuide.com shows the actual, calculated listenership for Rush Limbaugh, with the oldest dates on the left.
(via Rush – actual listenership measurements indicate dramatic 80% decline from “claimed” 20 million)

This rotated, but otherwise unretouched screen capture from StreamingRadioGuide.com shows the actual, calculated listenership for Rush Limbaugh, with the oldest dates on the left.

(via Rush – actual listenership measurements indicate dramatic 80% decline from “claimed” 20 million)

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MSNBC: Rush Limbaugh attacks debate moderators as ’far left-wing liberal Democrats’ and Lawrence O’Donnell calls his BS out on The Last Word

As Lawrence O’Donnell highlighted on The Last Word, Rush thinks they are all “far left-wing liberal Democrats.”

Jim Lehrer of PBS, whjo’ll be hosting the first encounter, has previously hosted eleven debates. Limbaugh called him a “far left-wing liberal Democrat.”

CNN’s Candy Crowley, who will host the second “town-hall” style debate, is a “far, far left-wing liberal Democrat momma,” Limbaugh said.

Rush dubbed CBS’s Bob Schieffer a “far, far left-wing liberal Democrat…and dinosaur.”

And he called ABC News reporter Martha Raddatz, who is hosting the vice presidential debate, the same—except instead of a “dinosaur,” Rush dismissed Raddatz as an “infobabe for ABC.”

“It’s the same old media hacks handling the debates,” said Limbaugh.

We shouldn’t remind people on welfare when the election is
Rush Limbaugh, 07/30/12 (via mediamattersforamerica)