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We’re awake, and the momentum is ours. We have more work to do to reach our full potential. Given Election Day’s results, our full potential is massive and unimaginably transformative. When Latinos vote, all Americans win, even the people who think voting could never play a role in their lives. So let’s not wait four years to get to work again. We’re awake. Let’s keep going now.
America Ferrera says its mañana in America.  (via newsweek)


Note: a reader sent this to me and asked that it be posted anonymously. - Jess

I will be very blunt at the start of this. I’m not American. I am from a country that is far worse than America. I am Portuguese. I am from a country who, as you know, is far in deep shit (if you’ll excuse me the term). And you know why? Because most of our government is composed of people like Mitt Romney: rich white kids who got all the way to the top thanks to lying and cheating. All they ever wanted was winning and being in power, not really knowing what to do when they got there. And judgng by the state of our country, I guess you know.

These are people who never had to answer to their own mistakes; they never assumed and left it there for others to correct. This is how Mitt Romney is, and I will try and give you a preview of what your country might look like if Mittens gets in power.

No more jobs. Forget about it. Like Passos Coelho, he’ll come one day up to the podium and tell all young people “There are no more jobs. Immigrate”.

Sad to say, 4th of July may disappear too. All of our holidays are disappearing; not only national, but also religious. 1st December, 8th November and 5th October are gone now. And no one can bring them back. And the same might happen to America.

I hope you have made a good decision my friends. I know most americans think Obama is a bad president, but trust me when I say that we would give anything to have a candidate like him. A candidate that raises taxes for social issues and not because he and his friends want to try a new restaurant at the tax payers’ expense. A candidate who will sacrifice himself for a nation he loves, literally giving everything he has before calling outside help and letting us be ruled by countries whose social, educational and economical state are radically different from ours, before suggesting you to part from your friends and family just to get a job in a country where you’ll be ill received for speaking another language and being part of another culture.

I sincerely hope you have given it a good thought.

Just got home.  Can’t say how many doors I knocked on today.  Drove 13 people with no transportation to vote. 

Best was an elderly woman who yelled from an upstairs window to ask if I was there to take her to the post office.  I said no, I was there to drive her to vote if she wanted to.  She said yes.  Then a mostly toothless man, older than me came to the door and told me he had already voted and that “she” was too old and hardly ever left the house.  But then she showed up behind him with her scarf on her head, her purse on her arm and her cane in hand.  She told him to get out of the way.

She took my arm and I escorted her to my car, got her settled in and we drove the 8 miles into town.  I drove to the community hall where voting was taking place and she tells me to take my time, she isn’t in a hurry.  I told her this is where she would vote, but she said, she was worried about getting to the post office to pay her electric bill so the lights didn’t get turned off.  So I drove her to the post office, helped her inside and waited while she bought a money order and mailed in her electric bill payment. 

Got her back in the car, resigned that I had kind of gotten used - but not in a way I really resented.  Except the next person I needed to go pick up was about five miles out in the opposite direction.  As we started back out of town, she says, “I want to vote for Obama.  He has been good to the Indians.” (She is Lakota).  So I pulled over and told her that I would be happy to take her to vote, but she wasn’t sure she was registered - had not voted in years.  I told her I would go in and check if she was on the rolls - it was really windy and chilly so she didn’t want to get back out if she couldn’t vote. 

Luckily, she was on the inactive rolls so all she needed to do to vote was fill out a registration card.  They gave it to me and I took it out to the car, put it on the clipboard I had with my assignments and she took it and started filling it out.  After a few minutes, she asked if I could help because she was having trouble reading it all.  I did.  When we got to asking for her date of birth, I was floored when she said 1912!  She will be 100 on the 28th of this month. 

We finished the card and she signed it and I took it back in for her - and asked the poll worker to look at the date of birth and asked if she could take a ballot to her in the car so she would not have to get out in the wind again.  They were very happy to do so, sending someone who spoke Lakota to help her.  She voted for only one office - the president.  And she voted for Barack Obama.  I was standing there since I had to show them where my car was and I heard.

I drove her home and helped her out of the car and then back to the house.  The older man opened the door as we approached and asked if she had gone to the post office.  Her reply was, “Yes and I voted.”  I’ve been smiling over that all day.

PSA: If a poll worker or poll watcher attempts to deny you a ballot, call the National Election Protection Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) immediately.

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I’ve got some stuff in the queue, but will be leaving in a bit to spend the day driving folks to vote so can’t do it myself. 

If you experience any problem or confusion while voting report the situation to one of the poll workers or election officials immediately. Do not wait until you have finished voting. If the election officials at the polling place are unable or unwilling to help you, the problem should be reported directly to the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. There are no special forms to use or procedures to follow—just call the Civil Rights Division toll-free at (800) 253-3931,

The number for the National Election Protection Hotline in the title is the best, but if you can’t get through for some reason, there is also:

Paul McCartney And The Band Send A Message Of Support For The US Elections (by PAULMCCARTNEY)

The single most powerful voice in our democracy is you… Don’t ever believe your vote doesn’t matter. Don’t ever let anyone tell you your voice can’t make a difference.
President Obama (via kileyrae)

Michael Moore Begs Viewers To Vote, Warns Obama Supporters It’s ‘Not Safe’ To Assume Victory 

Filmmaker Michael Moore appeared on Lawrence O’Donnell‘s show on Monday night with an impassioned get-out-the-vote plea. Noting that many of those who refrain from voting would likely vote for the president, Moore warned viewers not to assume the president’s re-election is in the bag.

Over the years, we’ve “chipped away” at voter suppression, Moore said, adding his “plea” to the estimated 90 million people who will not vote tomorrow: Don’t stay home.

“So many people fought for this right, it was so hard because we have fought voter suppression for 200-plus years of this country,” Moore said. “Exercise that right. Don’t stay home. It’s only 20 minutes, and it’s free.”

He then noted his “selfish” reason for encouraging everyone to vote, as well. Polling shows that “there’s a goldmine there of people that could vote for President Obama,” but will stay away from the polls. Moore urged everyone to make it their “mission” tomorrow to get a non-voter to vote.

“Take them to lunch, take them to the bar afterwards, do whatever you have to do that’s legal to get them to the polls,” Moore said. “And they’ll feel good that they did this, and they’ll maybe vote again next time.”

“Don’t trust that this is in the bag,” Moore said. “Don’t do the end zone dance tonight.” It’s “not safe.”

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Video The Vote!

Sign up here: http://videothevote.org/sign_up and join the thousands who are documenting the election in their community this year.

If you encounter a problem at your polling place be prepared to use your smart phone to document what is happening and then share that content on your YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Ustream account by using #VideoTheVote so our team can follow your stories. Keep watch on democracy this election.

President Obama: “Let’s Get Out There and Vote” (by BarackObamadotcom)


Vote For Change


106 Years Old and Voting for President Obama: “Red, White and Blue, Going Forward!” (by BarackObamadotcom)

“Barack Obama is honest, and I love him for it.”—Margaret, who just turned 106, on why she’s voting for President Obama this fall

It’s very possible that the nation will be looking closely at early poll results from Ohio next Tuesday to see who that state chose for president, and therefore, who won the presidential election.

But the early results may not be conclusive, or even very helpful, according to Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, who held a news conference to outline how results will be tallied and distributed on election night.

After polls close, Ohio will begin the evening by releasing the results of absentee ballots it received before election day, Husted said, at around 8:30 p.m. About 1.3 million absentee ballots have been sent out to voters — and about 72% have already been cast, he said.

Though those absentee votes may imply the election is going one way, those results could be completely turned around over the next few hours as results from in-person voting come in. The secretary of state’s office will release results from big counties every 15 minutes, medium-size counties every 30 minutes and small counties every hour.

If the election is close, America will have to wait 10 more days for the final results. That’s because Ohio, unlike most other states, has a law that stipulates that the secretary of state must wait 10 days before counting provisional ballots and late-arriving absentee ballots. All absentee ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 5 to count.

An automatic recount can’t happen until Nov. 27, Husted said. An automatic recount is triggered in Ohio when the result margin is less than 0.25%, or about 14,000 votes in an election in which 5.6 million votes are cast (5.7 million Ohioans voted in 2008).

The concept was a dance off instead of a debate between Obama (young man in white shirt) and Romney (wearing mask and blue shirt). Then Big Bird comes out and slugs Romney for his comments about Sesame Street in reference to Public Broadcasting. Students at the Beaumont Central Medical Magnet High School in Texas put on the show.  The band directorstated at the start of the skit “Are ya’ll going to vote this Tuesday?” - then the dance off began.  (by TexasSportsCenter)