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Wildfires in Eastern Oregon kill hundreds (perhaps thousands) of cattle, burns hundreds acres of prime land.

Photos: KBO

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One of my knitting students was just out there, yesterday she mentioned hundreds of cows dying due to smoke inhalation. This burned land will be unavailable for cattle grazing for probably at least two years.


  • 3 U.S. governors to tour remaining “pink slime” beef production site source

» » Just fine with “slime”: The above Governors (Rick Perry of Texas, Sam Brownback of Kansas, and Terry Branstad of Iowa) will be joined by Lieutenant Governors Rick Sheehy and Matt Michels, of Nebraska and South Dakota, respectively. These gubernatorial superfriends plan to tour a Beef Products Inc. plant, the last still producing the now-controversial “pink slime” beef, which is treated with ammonium hydroxide gas as a means of killing bacteria. Gov. Branstad is leading this charge, claiming that recent public outcry over the meat is unfair, and merits pushback: “They’re been a victim of a smear campaign, and I think we need to do all we can to try to counter this.”

Betting that hamburger is hardly ever on their menus.  Hope someone has time to follow the money to figure out how this support got bought.  Can’t imagine that the beef industry itself cares that much about supporting this since they can sell more cows if this slime goes away.